I Used To Be a Morning Person

We stood in the hallway, just he and I in our own little bubble, while the party raged on around us. His sandy hair kissed the top of his forehead, inviting me to run my fingers through the silky strands. His deep blue eyes looked into my soul and my heart quivered at the very... Continue Reading →

The Lonely Rings

A chestnut jewellery hutch stands proudly against the cream wall. She is adorned with several drawers and secret compartments to safeguard the jewellery within her walls – strands of silver and gold chains, beaded necklaces, pendants , earrings, colorful bangles, sparkling hair pins, delicate bracelets - everything a woman needs to dress up for a... Continue Reading →

Me versus the Mayonnaise Jar

The Mexican stand-off – a rotund opponent with a blue lid lies in wait on the counter, guns drawn, and a sneer on his transparent face. I pace the floor, flexing my fingers, prepping for the fight. The old lady rubs my shoulders, like a trainer sending his boxer to the ring. We’d met before,... Continue Reading →

The Arrival

The old lady arrived one crisp October morning when I tried to rise from my bed. My muscles were stiff and sore, and I wondered if I had overdone it in dance class. I could still hear the music playing while I slowly padded around my kitchen making my coffee. I swayed to the sound... Continue Reading →


Hello and Welcome to "The Old Lady In My Bones". This is a blog about arthritis and what it's like to live with this disease. Most people think arthritis is associated with the elderly, but it is a disease that touches people of all ages. I was diagnosed with early Rheumatoid arthritis in my thirties. I... Continue Reading →

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