The Walking Barometer

I get into bed and wrap myself in a snug blanket; there is a chill in the summer air normally reserved for autumn. I watch as murky clouds sweep over the blue and obliterate the sunset. I can hear the old lady out on the deck. She rocks in a wooden chair, looking to the sky, lifting her twisted hand to track the direction of the wind. I toss and turn, trying to ignore the creaking of her chair. My joints start to gripe, and I flip over several times trying to muffle their complaints; they feel thick, as though they were being pumped with liquid air. I spend the night in fitful sleep, hearing the old lady rocking and I call her to bed, frustrated by her refusal to rest. In the hours before the sun rises, my partner sleepily asks what’s wrong. “It’s going to rain”, I tell him, minutes before the drops pound against the window, a thick humidity permeating the air.

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  1. Great name for a blog about RA! At least us sufferers don’t have to wait for the weather report…we know when rain is coming. Interesting that many doctors claim that arthritis sufferers aren’t affected by the weather, yet all of us who have the disease know that a change in the weather brings that old lady right to our door.

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