I stared at myself in the mirror. The bright lights illuminated the bumpy red stranger that materialized in a silent swagger across my upper body. I was mesmerized by the range of his trek. The bumps began behind my ears and spread their way down my torso, over my stomach to my waist. The itchy... Continue Reading →

The Old Lady at the Dentist

I sat in the chair, my mouth held open with taut synthetic objects wedged between my teeth and gums; the dentist disappeared around the corner to take his annual pictures. The dental assistant tipped me back, removed the offensive articles and began cleaning, the brush noisily whirring in the compact partition. My throbbing knees started... Continue Reading →

Irony – Part Two

Irony:  a literary technique in which the audience can perceive hidden meanings unknown to the characters. (Oxford Canadian Dictionary) I sat in the waiting room of my doctor’s office. The tiny space was packed with sniffling patients; the yellow walls replicated the color of their skin. I squirmed in my seat, jamming my elbow into... Continue Reading →

Irony – Part One

Irony:  a discrepancy between the expected and actual state of affairs  (Oxford Canadian Dictionary) The emergency room is chock-full of moaning and wailing patients. I lay on the gurney staring up at the ceiling. The ambulance attendant stays by my side in the crowded corridor until I am admitted to a room. An old woman... Continue Reading →

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