She arrived, uninvited, during the chill of winter. She crossed my threshold, that old woman I didn’t expect, invading my body and taking a piece of my life. She grabbed hold of me, took possession of my youth and spent months skulking between the synovial linings of my joints, imprisoning me within her lifeless cocoon.... Continue Reading →

Out of Order

I hobbled through the apartment lobby and my mood deflated at the sight of the huge sign on the elevator: OUT OF ORDER. My apartment was on the third floor, an easy walk on a good day – but this was not a good day. My puffy joints burned and shrieked at each movement. I... Continue Reading →

Flash Fire

I glanced down at my hands, watching a red line march across my puffy knuckles. My feverish fingers rested on the keyboard burning through the keys. I was mesmerized by the rapid swelling; I lifted my arms and gazed at overstuffed marshmallows dangling off the end of my wrists... I woke in the morning, creaky... Continue Reading →

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