Naked Hands

I followed the doctor down a gloomy hall and entered a spacious clean room flooded with bright daylight, despite the dark and daunting clouds lingering outside the window. We had a brief discussion of my symptoms, the swelling and redness that often appeared in my fingers and danced across the knuckles of my hands. He... Continue Reading →


I stumbled out of bed early in the morning, plodded into the bathroom with a glass of water and pulled my “days of the week” pill organizer from the cabinet; it was empty. I took several medication bottles, arranged them on the counter and began filling each compartment with a variety of pills. Each tiny... Continue Reading →

Sweltering Postures

A small sign pointed the way to the hot yoga studio. I stepped into the reception area and the scent of lavender and eucalyptus assaulted my nose. Soft music hummed from speakers in the ceiling. I filled out the registration form requesting information about my personal and medical history – under reasons for taking the... Continue Reading →

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