On our first anniversary, Hydroxychloroquine took me to the ophthalmologist. We arrived at a small quaint building, painted white, the outside decorated with bright pink and orange flowers. Cherry blossoms lined the street with their crimson veils. Tiny petals speckled the sidewalks, leading us to our first analysis of our life together. I sat in... Continue Reading →

The Sole Mate

I scuttled across the wet ground, ducking beneath my umbrella as the rain pelted down. My left foot plunked into a shallow puddle; within moments, a distinct squishing sensation accompanied each new step and my foot grew cold and wet... A large selection of boots was displayed on one wall of the store. I looked... Continue Reading →

The Warm Bath

The water flowed from the spout crashing into the tub. Goosebumps danced on my skin in anticipation of dipping into a hot bath, liberating me from the pain of arthritis. A light mist drifted over the mirrors creating a pleasant haze with a sweet scent and a warming ambience. I lowered my body into the... Continue Reading →

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