The Warm Bath

The water flowed from the spout crashing into the tub. Goosebumps danced on my skin in anticipation of dipping into a hot bath, liberating me from the pain of arthritis. A light mist drifted over the mirrors creating a pleasant haze with a sweet scent and a warming ambience. I lowered my body into the hot liquid; tepid waters surged over my skin, leeching warmth into my cold joints, thrusting the stream of blood through my thin veins, loosening rigid muscles that, until this moment, were frozen in time like the mummies of Egypt.

Like a spell lifted, my joints returned to vivacity within the tomb of their frigid walls, bursting forth with a new life, overcoming the damp mornings that threatened to subdue their restless energy and keep them forever sealed to their frozen fate.

I basked in the swish of soft splashes against white porcelain, feeling nothing but comfort, enfolding me with the sweet smell of sea salt clinging in the humid air. The steam swirled about and covered my skin with a thin sheet of moisture, cleansing my pores and appeasing the pain within.

The soothing liquid set my soul adrift beneath blue skies and palm trees, and for a blip in time, my body was young and strong; the old lady drifted away and vanished in the mist, and I belonged only to myself, until the waters cooled and swirled into the drain, leaving behind a body refreshed and limber joints ready to face the day.

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  1. Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your bath time story. I have severe Psoriatic Arthritis all over my body which presents the same way as Rheumatoid. Your post has made me want to dive head first into a nice hot bath to which I’m hugely jealous as I don’t even own a bath – just a shower!

    I’ve had my PSA since I was just 13 years old starting off with a bad case of Psoriasis and then one day one joint hugely inflamed. I was quite lucky to have just the one joint inflamed until I had my 2nd daughter in 2003. I went from that one joint to literally having it everywhere. From owning my own horse to being almost bed ridden in a space of approx. 6 months. That’s when the depression kicked in in reality of what my life had become… forever.

    It’s great to find other bloggers in the world that have similar conditions and to share our experiences. As I’m unable to work I found comfort in baking, specifically baking desserts since they’re my favourite food type anyway. 🙂

    If you have a moment, please do stop by my blog Sweet 2 Eat Baking to see my recipes and general escape from the everyday torture that is arthritis. Although I haven’t posted a recipe in a week or so due to the massive flare-up I’m having right now.

    It’s great to meet you. Take care,

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I am glad that you have found something to help you through the bad days. I will check out your blog for those ” sweet escapes”.

      Stay well and keep finding the good things in life.

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