The First Swim

  The summer solstice delivered rain and overcast skies the first eight days after its arrival. My joints raged against the pressure of dense clouds and damp weather, while the humidity continued to build – when the break finally came, I woke for the first time without swelling, my stiff joints becoming fluid after only... Continue Reading →

Warm Mugs

I huddled under the bus shelter as a cold mist sprinkled down from the sky. The promise of a warm summer day perished under the dense cover of grey clouds. I boarded the bus, wrapping my cold puffy fingers around the metal pole, grumbling at my desperate attempt to remain standing while the bus driver... Continue Reading →

Bad Medicine

The aqua package promised relief from the pain of arthritis – a mild roll-on designed to help reduce the discomfort of inflammation. I read the directions on the box – there was a warning that the medication might cause mild skin irritation or redness during the first few times of use, but would eventually subside... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Disease

I boarded the bus during rush hour, cramming myself into a sea of people. I squeezed my way to the back and grasped a metal pole, wincing at the sharp pain shooting through my fingers. The old lady had swept in with the rain and squeezed her bitter hands over my joints. I held my... Continue Reading →

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