Transforming the Face of Arthritis

The murky water of the Grand Canal radiated a cold sensation that floated up from its chilly waters. The boat sat low in the water, muddy waves lapping at the base of the windows.The dampness crawled under my skin, triggering the presence of the old lady; her irritating stiffness clamped down on my joints. We floated... Continue Reading →

Old Lady versus The Great Wall

  The bitter November wind thrust its cold breath towards me, breaching my layers of clothing. Dry flakes drifted down from an overcast sky coating the stone steps with a thin layer of snow. I stood on the ground and gazed up at sharp peaks that looked as if they could pierce the cloud cover.... Continue Reading →

Eastern Techniques

  The giant apothecary in Beijing’s Chinese College of Medicine rose up before us with hundreds of drawers containing all the herbs necessary for health and wellness. The tour guide led us to the second floor where exam rooms peeked out from the walls. We entered a spacious room where bean bags huddled in the middle... Continue Reading →

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