The summer arrived, bringing a dry heat, a welcome ally to my sore stiff joints. I woke in the mornings with minimal stiffness, enjoying the balmy days with walking and swimming. The old lady withdrew into hibernation, leaving me free of her swelling inflammation. The days stretched out into sultry evenings and my energy improved;... Continue Reading →

An Interlude

I interrupt my regular programming to celebrate 10,000 views and my one year anniversary on The Old Lady in My Bones. I wrote my first post on August 6th, 2012. I started this blog to unearth an element of the absurdity in my disease and to help me cope with the challenges it presents. I... Continue Reading →

The Blurry Eye

I tucked my list into my purse and strolled to the grocery store to pick up some items for that evening’s supper. I wandered through the bright aisles, list in hand, stopping in front of the spice rack. I was examining prices of several brands of spices when a cluster of blurry lines appeared in... Continue Reading →

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