Simple Things

I reached for the pen to sign the visa slip; it frittered out of my hand and launched across the aisle, landing with a tiny clatter at the foot of another table. I muttered an apology to the server as I reached for a glass of water, but my swollen fingers refused to grip its... Continue Reading →

A Mattress for Arthritis

I tossed and turned, the springs of my mattress jabbing into my hip bones, grinding against my joints. My shoulders buzzed with a lack of circulation. My neck ached and I spent several nights switching pillows. Nothing seemed to alleviate the discomfort and pain. I flipped over and heard the fated crack of a spring... Continue Reading →

Gluten-Free Blues

The frozen bagel rolled out of the bag and wobbled before crashing down onto the counter. Bits of ice clung to the exterior. I picked it up and put it on the cutting board - its rigid body struck the hard plastic like a jackknife hitting cement. I sighed, wondering why all the gluten-free breads... Continue Reading →

Sun Sensitivity

We drove the through the Okanagan valley for a weekend getaway in wine country. The mountains, smothered with verdant trees and plant life, accompanied our car alongside the narrow winding roads. The heat of the sun poked through the peaks and bored down on the dark roof of our car. We emerged from the cover... Continue Reading →

No ID Required

There‚Äôs a shadowy club whose business is escalating each year. A sketchy welcome mat is positioned at the front entrance. A red glow emanates from hazy windows; curious passer-byes stop and take a peek, unaware of the peril to their health. A number of unlucky patrons will be coaxed to enter. No password is needed.... Continue Reading →

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