Return of the Wrist Brace

I reached out and grabbed the metal lever to the door of my apartment building, twisting it downwards to release the latch; a searing pain tore through my left wrist. I recoiled, as if the door handle had stung me. The pain lasted a few minutes than waned. I shrugged it off, continued on, making... Continue Reading →

An Insignifcant War

RA infiltrated my body like a sly adversary of war, waking me in the dead of night with scorching fever streaming through my blood; inflamed joints surfaced, swollen in the battle against my own immune system; but the war waging in my body is only a modest scrimmage in the light of the soldiers that... Continue Reading →

Hurricane RA

Wrought iron railings with elaborate designs snaked around low-level balconies hanging over the narrow streets. Bright flowers swaddled the terraces, their pungent perfume mingling with the slightly boggy scent wafting in from the Mississippi. Small piles of garbage bags sitting on curbs emitted a stale bouquet that drifted on the breeze and melted away over... Continue Reading →

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