An Unexpected Gift

The bitter cold nipped through the layers of my coat, biting into my joints; a rare cold snap had swept over the mild West Coast, and people waddled like penguins in their warm layers. Inside the shelter of a train station carols hummed through speakers and dazzling holiday lights lined the window sills. I looked... Continue Reading →

The Drifter

I weave through the downtown crowds passing by miniature grocery stores, fast food joints and bright flower shops. A homeless man lingers on the curb outside a corner store. A few hours later, I pass the same man outside the entrance of a coffee shop. The next morning, he loiters beneath the red awning of... Continue Reading →

Pain in the You-Know-What

I woke in the morning and was greeted with a familiar deep-seated pain that streaked its way through my right hip and settled deep into my rump. An unwelcome houseguest, bursitis, had come for a visit, gearing up for a party in my right side, destined to cause a disturbance. The unforgiving pain shot through... Continue Reading →

The Paraffin Dip

The shop was saturated with the sharp smell of acrylic and nail polish. Women departed with shapely nails painted in exotic colors. I presented my gift card to a young girl at the front counter, ready to experience my first manicure. She guided me through the shop, leading me past plush rooms with massage beds... Continue Reading →

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