Optical Delusions

I dipped my finger into my contact case, extracting the wispy bubble of the lens, carefully balancing it on the tip of my finger. I blinked my eyes, attempting to produce some moisture to assist in helping the lens stick to the curve of my eye; but since RA arrived, the moisture in my eyes... Continue Reading →

The Happiest Place on Earth

My girlfriend and I disembarked from the plane stepping into dry air littered with sunshine. Our brief stint in the warm climate of California was about to begin. The winter chill of the West Coast slipped away in the tepid heat. We waited for our shuttle beneath clear skies obscured by a slight haze, the... Continue Reading →

Dancing Hands

The sun set below a pink horizon, inviting the indigo sky of evening to creep forward. I relaxed in my living room, absorbed in a book, with a hot cup of tea lingering on the coffee table. I reached for my┬ámug, feeling a slight tremor in my hand as I lifted the steaming liquid to... Continue Reading →

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