Hamster in the Wheel

It’s close to midnight on a Sunday when I fluff up the blankets in my bed, and slip into the comfort of my heated mattress pad. I am sleepy, and although my mind is always whirling, I endeavour to catch some winks to revive myself for the busy week ahead. I recalled my head sinking... Continue Reading →

Masquerade Ball

A cold, RA and the flu walk into a bar. The cold is usually easy to recognize, modest in his congestion and stuffy sinuses. He saunters by, unnoticed – he’s common. RA and the flu stand side by side; like Siamese twins, they are not easily separated. They both offer extreme exhaustion, fever, body aches... Continue Reading →

Round of Applause

Every year for Christmas or his birthday, my partner has asked for that popular contraption that controls electricity with the sound of clapping; its commercial was made famous by a furious looking old lady who couldn’t sleep until she’d turned off her light by hurling herself into a sitting position and fervently clapping. I rolled... Continue Reading →


I tussled with the glass door leading to the lobby of my apartment building, barely creating an adequate gap to slide my body through with grocery bags hanging off my hands. I cringed at the heavy thud as it closed behind me. I turned around, and through the window caught the unsympathetic glare of an... Continue Reading →

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