The Golden Ring

It sat in a small compact packet, peering out through its transparent seal. I gazed down at its coiled gold body; at first glance, it looked a bit like a sleeping porcupine, all curled up in all its spiky glory. I removed it from its package and found a gilded ring twisted into a perfect... Continue Reading →

Under the Spotlight

I stepped quietly behind the red velvet curtain, listening to the chatter of the audience as they filed in and found their seats. Shadows played on the walls of the set, spilling from the dim work lights around the stage manager's desk; she signaled the five-minute call to show time and I mentally reviewed my... Continue Reading →

Return of the Nap Attack

It comes without warning, creeping through your body, diminishing your energy, shutting down your mind. It begins with eyes drooping beneath heavy lids, your rhythm slackens and an all-consuming cloud shrouds your body. Instead of the daily tasks at hand, we dream of a soft pillow, a light blanket, and our body sinking into the... Continue Reading →

Just Once

The soothing scents of lavender and patchouli swirled around the room; soft music flowed from hidden speakers. Massage therapists and estheticians wearing soft cushioned shoes silently guided clients to their rooms. The receptionist handed me a form to fill out; it was a standard document asking for a bit of personal information - name, address,... Continue Reading →

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