Second Verse, Same as the First

It was nearing the end of a busy afternoon; old lady RA had been keeping a low profile for most of the day. I sunk into the couch cushions with a cup of tea, and scooped up my pill box, looking through the transparent lid with the day-of-the-week labelled on it and noticed something odd... Continue Reading →

The Light in the Darkness

My girlfriend and I were led through blackness by a man who lived his life in the dark – he was our blind waiter, and this was our first dining in the dark experience. He sat us at our table, and I warily moved my hands across the woven tablecloth, vaguely aware of the icy... Continue Reading →


It didn’t take long for me to become accustomed to waking in the mornings with the stiffness of RA suffocating my sleeping joints; I wake and move them from their frozen state, my blood flows, beginning the arduous process of rousing them from their spell. On one particular morning, I peeled myself from the bed, and... Continue Reading →

Shedding Winter from my Bones

April arrived, and with it the first signs of new life flourishing in the warming days of spring. I wake to the soft greeting of morning’s light illuminating my room; the birds warble outside my window welcoming a new dawn; pink cherry blossoms erupt from sleeping trees, garnishing the neighborhood with a blushing beauty. Tiny... Continue Reading →

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