To Walk or Not to Walk

I’ve begun this post with some wordplay on that renowned query from Shakespeare to ponder the situation that arises for me every year like clockwork. Once a year our community, as do hundreds of others, presents The Walk for Arthritis to raise needed funds for research and to fuel encouragement for sufferers. Every year I mean... Continue Reading →

Stormy Days

The storm churned over the ocean during the night, with rolling thunder claps that shook our thin walls and rattled the windows; flashes of lightning flooded a grim sky suffocated by thick clouds that delivered a deluge from their pregnant bulk. The first roar of thunder woke me from a burning sleep, and my drowsy... Continue Reading →

Pole Dancing

The transit system in our city, as I imagine in many cities, is a popular route for travel. In a world where cars are polluting our environment on a daily basis, we strive to live an environmentally friendly life and public transit is our tool. There are always peak times for transit, usually mornings (7-9... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Expectations

The irony in my life is that old lady RA materialised when I was working in a Rheumatology clinic. I worked in an environment where arthritis thrived; I saw how arthritis marked its victims; I watched it invade people’s lives. In theory I knew all the facts about RA, but when I was diagnosed, I... Continue Reading →

A Spoonful of Sugar

I never liked taking medication. I have harrowing childhood memories of my mother chasing me around the house with a vile cough syrup in her hand, and what I perceived as a giant spoon. Despite my protestations, I would swallow that dreadful-tasting fake cherry fluid with a whole lot of fuss, making sure she saw,... Continue Reading →

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