This One’s for The Girls

Gentleman, avert your eyes, this post is not for the squeamish. I am about to broach a sensitive feminine issue. Ladies listen up – it’s bad enough we have to deal with arthritis, but on top of the challenge and frustrations of the old lady in our bones, we must also deal with the fluctuating... Continue Reading →

Road Kill

I woke in the morning, thick with sleep - beyond my initial drowsiness, a dense stiffness lay siege over my tender joints. I turned my head, cringing at the rigid sensation streaming through the muscles in my neck. I sat up, or thought I did - I only imagined lifting my body from the bed,... Continue Reading →

Mermaid Days

The summer swirled in on the tail of stormy days, and on a sultry first day of July, I indulged in my first swim of the summer, almost a year to the date of last season’s first swim. A tempestuous transformation between the seasons finally delivered the first brilliant day with warm rays and mild... Continue Reading →

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