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Arthritis Barbie?

My bright green dress sported a delicate lace bodice with dainty layers of material cascading below the waistline – had the dress been white, it might bear a slight resemblance to that infamous dress worn by Marilyn Monroe as she stood over that gusty street grate in New York. The summer had been kind, delivering … Continue reading

Swollen Joints, Flares and Inspiration

It felt like a world away – Toronto. I had travelled back east earlier in the year to Prince Edward Island and I remembered a long and arduous trek across the country. Now here I was, once again, leaving the familiar comfort of the West Coast. I woke at 5:00 am, (5:00 am to a … Continue reading


My friend is a fitness addict – where some women are hooked on chocolate, wine, or bad choices in men, she acquires her high at the gym. Aerobics, yoga, swimming, kinetics, kickboxing – she’s done it all, and does it all at the crack of dawn. Before the days of old lady RA, I would … Continue reading

Changing Normal

We have an infestation in our woodlands; a ravenous insect known as the pine beetle is devouring our trees. This insect is tiny, powerful, numerous and almost invisible to the eye, except for the devastating colors he leaves behind. Our rich emerald forests are speckled with the red, yellow and smoky purple of dying trees, … Continue reading

No Ruby Slippers Here

I grew up on the West Coast alongside the Pacific in a harbour city surrounded by forests and mountains, protecting us from the turbulent gales that sweep the exposed prairie lands and coastal regions to the east. Our one complaint, if we are allowed one, is that our winters are damp, rainy and cold, our … Continue reading