Plotting Inflammation

In August I had the amazing opportunity to attend an arthritis bloggers event in Toronto called ARTHfully Living. It was a lovely occasion to meet other bloggers, and learn how they advocate and cope with the challenges of their own illness. It was also an opportunity to meet new friends and acquire new revelations in... Continue Reading →

The Plateau

We had been climbing for about 30 minutes. I looked up the twisting trail, seeing only the shrubs and trees that dressed the path on either side. Large roots stuck out from the dirt, promising a graceless fall to the unfortunate shoe caught up in their gnarled grip. It was still a long climb to... Continue Reading →

Falling off the Wagon

The inky sky was ignited by the silver light of a full moon; I watched the horses’ hot breath puff out in white billows and dissipate in the night air. The wheels bumped along over uneven ground, pitching the wooden wagon to and fro. I leaned back against a bale of hay, feeling the fibres... Continue Reading →


For one week every summer, thousands of people migrate down to the water’s edge, flooding the beaches for the annual “Celebration of Light”, a yearly fireworks competition involving three countries competing for the privilege of putting on the finest light show. Each country designs their own display and fires them off to a carefully chosen... Continue Reading →

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