The Haunting of Arthritis

October is my favourite time of the year. According to the old Celtic calendar October is the month where we celebrate the turning of the year from light to dark. We watch leaves tumble from their branches in colorful glory, leaving trees naked beneath the moonlight, casting their ghostly shadows over the ground. We rise... Continue Reading →

The Seeds of Arthritis

Dandelion seeds wait for the breeze to pluck them from their beds where they ride on the back of the wind, oblivious to where they’ll land or what they may harvest. The seeds of arthritis are similar in that we never know where they will settle or what they may sow in each individual –... Continue Reading →

The Fledgling

He waddled around on the ground beneath my balcony, his high-pitched baby chirrup filling up the morning. I looked over the railing and spotted a fledgling gull who had fallen from the roof of our building where a seagull family had set up home. He was not hurt, but frightened to find himself in unfamiliar... Continue Reading →

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