ROARing with Pride

I had the pleasure of attending a recent event sponsored by the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada called ROAR, (Reaching Out with Arthritis Research), a public forum hosted by researchers, scientists, physicians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists offering a glimpse into the progress of ongoing research and new advances in the battle against arthritis. It’s a... Continue Reading →

Karma and C.R.A.P.

Karma – a force created by a person’s actions that some believe causes good or bad things to happen (Miriam Webster) I believe that circumstances put events in motion. For example, for years I toyed with the idea of being a writer. I dabbled here and there, popping out poems, writing short stories, taking a... Continue Reading →

Hands Down

Arthritis reveals itself in different ways. Often we don’t recognize its subtle intrusion into our lives. It takes a while before that “a-ha” moment when we recognize something is amiss, and are finally diagnosed. All those little clues that niggled on the edge of our consciousness suddenly make sense – like the pieces of a... Continue Reading →

Rising Above the Fire

The fall solstice announced itself on every calendar and our extended summer grudgingly gave way to unsettled weather, giving birth to a flare lasting several days. I woke to longer periods of stiffness, increased swelling and fatigue. I visited a locum doctor taking over for my regular specialist while he was away, and this bright... Continue Reading →

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