Outshining Broken Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken – at least that’s what if feels like for me. The pattern of my life to date has been to make resolutions but never cross them off my list. Every year I envisioned these grand sweeping dreams and every year those dreams floated away from my reach,... Continue Reading →

My Arthritis Colours

The chill of the evening illuminates stars in an inky sky; the hue of blinking holiday lights brighten the gloom of winter days; the morning bursts with the crimson rays of a rising sun; glittering snow coats the steely mountain peaks; golden leaves cling to ruddy branches; pine trees lounge in their emerald robes; cherry rainbows flicker in... Continue Reading →


It all started with a kitchen. We had decided it was time to replace our thirty year old kitchen with a shiny new model, complete with modern appliances. Goodbye to stained countertops that could no longer be cleaned, goodbye to the stove that only had three burners working, goodbye to that garburator that stole precious... Continue Reading →

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