Surviving the Pineapple Express

My early warning rheumatoid weather system alerted me to something on the horizon. The Pineapple Express was on its way. This expression is deceptive in its meaning – when I first heard the term “pineapple express”, I envisioned white sand beaches under bright sapphire skies, palm trees swaying in gentle breezes and tropical flowers basking... Continue Reading →

Fountain of Youth

A cold snap had descended over the west coast. The sun was an intense ball of fire in a clear winter sky, illuminating the icy mornings. On a chilly weekend, my partner and I escaped to a local getaway, a peaceful sanctuary boasting magnificent views of a vast lake nestled in the arms of the... Continue Reading →

The Best Days of My Life

It always started with a certain song - Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. I used to go out dancing with the girls and it was always this song that lured us onto the dance floor, where we’d stay until the lights came up. In the following years, I returned to a variety of dance... Continue Reading →

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