Down…but not Out

Last week, my partner came down with the flu. For a week, he rolled through the typical symptoms – sore throat, congestion, fever and fatigue. I did my best to nurse him back to health, doing the typical things – wrapping him in extra blankets, feeding him chicken soup, encouraging him to rest and soak... Continue Reading →

Sunny Days Will Come

February is a strange month. It’s short in duration, even as the days steadily grow longer. Every four years it grants us an extra day as it attempts to catch up with the yearly revolutions of the earth around the sun. It’s caught in a blurry time-warp, lost in the fog between the merriment of... Continue Reading →

Taming a Persnickety Finger

It started in late November, a new, yet slightly familiar ache that plagued my right index finger. It reminded me of that poignant ache one gets when a new nodule is under development. There’s no mistaking that particular feeling – once you’ve had it, you always remember it. But this ache was more generalized. It... Continue Reading →

Two Bowls, Two Hands and a Towel

There’s nothing I love better than soaking in a gloriously scented hot bath on a chilly day; it soothes my stiff joints and eases the pain in a sweet massage of heat and aromatherapy. Gentle steam glides through the room, playing shadow puppets with the dancing flame of a candle; I usually have a book and... Continue Reading →

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