Marked for Arthritis

The warm air swept off the ocean and wrapped my body in a warm velvet cloak. I pulled up to a little hut sitting on the hill overlooking the sugar cane fields. Fans twirled on the ceiling moving the air gently throughout the room. A man and a woman chatted at the front desk; artists... Continue Reading →

Sitting Ducks

I remember as a child I was always on the move. I spent my afternoons running through the wooded trails of our local park, riding my bike down quiet country roads and playing street hockey with the neighborhood kids. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, I lost the liberty of that active life to the mundane... Continue Reading →

Changes in Latitude

A few years ago, I went camping in the Grand Canyon. It was May and my partner hoped the dryness of the desert would soothe the bad temper of old lady RA. We spent our afternoons warming ourselves against the sun-baked red canyon rock; at night, we sat beneath a multitude of stars, listening to... Continue Reading →

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