The Power of Speech

I was a theatre actress for a number of years. Preparations for shows involved me talking out loud for weeks on end with various accents and voices as I tried to find the essence of my character and memorize lines. It wasn’t unusual for someone to catch me in the act of reciting lines on... Continue Reading →

Navigational Training

It was my first time in a new city alone. I hailed a cab from the airport and gave the driver the address. We weaved and bobbed through pockets of congested streets darkened by looming skyscrapers. I stepped out of the cab clutching my bag, catching scant glimpses of sky between soaring buildings. The air... Continue Reading →

Yes Indeed, I’m Walking…

They say that March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This year, spring tiptoed in gently like a ballerina on a string of pearls. Climate change granted us a mild February, complete with sunshine and cherry blossoms. Our mountains stood majestically above the coastline barren of the bleached snow-caps that... Continue Reading →

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