Ten Questions

I sat on the edge of the examining table while the medical resident poked and prodded at my joints, looking for tender spots and sites of swelling. The air conditioning was blowing, and in spite of my burning hands, I felt chilled. The spongy cushion of the examining table stuck to the back of my... Continue Reading →

Mother Nature’s Flare

The trees are motionless. Their leaves, although green, droop towards the ground, oppressed by the unbroken heat. The concrete sizzles, seeming lax and spongy beneath my sneakers - I can feel the burn through the thin layer of my rubber soles. The birds peep with idle energy, gazing down at the brown earth from their... Continue Reading →

Maggie’s Shoes

We had just finished another rehearsal. It was creeping towards the time when the actors would have to be off book. Over the weeks, bits and pieces of our characters were starting to evolve. My years of dance training had always been helpful in shaping the way my characters move. We often spend weeks in... Continue Reading →

Laying My Cards on the Table

It was a typical afternoon rush hour on public transit. People crammed onto the bus, clinging to poles and hanging straps in an effort to remain stable during travel. I gravitated towards a pole and hung on – as more people boarded, I looked through the spaces, searching for the next pole I to which... Continue Reading →

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