There Will Be Days Like This

I heard the pitter-patter rhythm hitting the pavement, the swish of rubber tires through pooling water, the splatter of drops against the window under a sombre light. I could almost hear the hiss of moisture kissing the parched ground, dressing the leaves and flowers in shimmering beads of liquid. It’s the first time in almost... Continue Reading →

Days of Wine and Smoke

The snaking road stretched before us, bordered by parched mountain-sides weighed down with resilient virescent fir trees. The temperature on the dashboard climbed steadily and as we zigzagged through the narrow mountain pass. I looked out the back window, watching a dreary haze hover over the countryside. The miles clicked by and the leafy scenery... Continue Reading →

Water Therapy

The hot sun steeps in the vibrant blue skies. There’s a sultry breeze caressing the tree tops, rippling the water’s surface. The feverish warmth of our sweltering summer sedates the twittering birds. Crows softly mutter from behind hidden bushes, and I step inside the gate where the tranquil water of the pool calls for my... Continue Reading →

Playing with My Vanity

I had long glorious hair for many years. My hair was the mark of my femininity, at least according to my self-absorbed ego. It was the one feature about me I treasured. I played around with different styles, never straying too far from the length to which I’d grown accustomed. A few months ago, I... Continue Reading →

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