Water Logged

Life is all about timing, isn’t it? My body often surprises me with its eerie intuition. One night, without any warning, a sharp pain seared through my right knee. It was severe enough to prevent me from putting any weight on it. I had known for some time that I needed to work on my... Continue Reading →

Of Beginnings and Endings

It began in the spring like so many things do. It was the beginning of a new life - I had just moved into a new apartment, restarted a new session of dance, found a new love with whom I shared my days, and launched my journey into the world of writing. Spring is the... Continue Reading →

Fire and Ice

For most of my life I remember being one temperature - cold. Living in the dampness of a coastal rain forest, the chill of our fall and winter would seep under my skin, haunting my bones with its lingering chill. I would hunker down in my bedroom draped in blankets to ward off the rawness.... Continue Reading →

Changing a Familiar Story

It all began one soggy morning, not long after the leaves began to turn. My eyes were caked in sleep dust; I was feverish and thick with swelling. I felt like someone had anesthetized me during sleep. My movements were stiff, like I was slogging through mud, and my bloated joints resembled marshmallow puffs. It... Continue Reading →

The “APP”iness Dance

Five years ago on one frosty morning, I was introduced to a sudden onset of joint stiffness, swelling and fatigue. I mistook it for the flu and waited six weeks before going to see my family physician. He took note of my symptoms and did a quick exam of my joints. It took him less... Continue Reading →

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