RA Blog Week, Wild Cards and Tiny Sparks

This past week a wonderful initiative was launched: RA Blog Week. Health blogger Rick Phillips organized this in an effort to promote cross reading of blogs, build awareness, and connect with others to share in their experiences of living with RA. Topics were assigned for each day throughout the week, and there were also wild... Continue Reading →

Pockets of Forgetfulness

The summer flew by with spectacularly clear days, with little to no humidity. Skies were mottled with wispy clouds, and the ginger glow of scarlet sunsets proclaimed another unblemished day with light breezes, a perfect season of warmth when a rare vitality masked the inflammation of RA. One temperate day I found myself in the... Continue Reading →

A Humble Reminder

It is a beautiful morning and the sun glows like burnished gold in the autumn sky, bursting through the haze of an early morning dew. I have awakened from a 24 hour slumber after being slammed by the first bug of a changing season. Right on the heels of a zealous flare, I woke with... Continue Reading →

The Tempest of Change

I woke to rain slamming against my rattling windows, the wind shrieking through the parched trees. Branches and shrivelled leaves snapped off their sapped trunks, littering the landscape with the remnants of drought. Our baffled meteorologists had no warning of the blustery weather that whirled in from off of the Pacific Ocean causing power outages... Continue Reading →

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