A Light in the Darkness

Fall is my one of favorite times of the year. I love to gaze out my window and watch the burnished leaves drift from weakened branches, leaving trees naked beneath the moonlight. It is the time when mornings languish in darkness, ignited by the sallow light of street lamps cutting through a haunting mist. Cars... Continue Reading →

A Balancing Act

I spent some of my early childhood in a modest rural area. It was a wondrous time - instead of growing up in the luminous glow of a computer screen, I spent my days outside in the wooded paths and parks that surrounded our quiet cul-de-sac. It was a fearless time where I learned to... Continue Reading →

Dancing Solo

The story goes that when I was three years old I climbed up on an empty stage and danced. I like to think this was where the first embers were lit. I have vague recollections of taking dance and theatre classes when I was around five years old. I don’t remember the specifics of those... Continue Reading →

A Season of Cranberries and Gratitude

The rains have arrived on the back of the cast-off leftovers of a tropical hurricane, drenching the west coast after a summer of drought. The wind pushes against the windows at night, the moisture clouds the glass, the cloying pressure swirls around my joints once again. In the morning, the sun teases us with a... Continue Reading →

I Think I Can…I Know I Can.

Remember the story of a little engine taking on the impossible task of tugging a chain of railroad cars up a steep and craggy mountain road? When no one else would attempt it, a modest locomotive stepped up and took on the task, chugging its way upwards, while others refused to try. When the mountain... Continue Reading →

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