Something to Smile About

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this absurd fear about my losing my teeth. It was probably fueled in my early years by the pressure of embarking on the vain and competitive career of acting, feeding into the idea that the only way to succeed was to look perfect. After all, at... Continue Reading →

A Stolen Day of Bliss

Water rolled down a slotted coffee-colored panel nestled in stones, simulating a stream bubbling over a bed of rocks. Soft music played from hidden speakers lulling me into another world deprived of the roar of traffic, the drone of people, the beeping and quivering of cell phones and computers. I listened to the faint whispers... Continue Reading →

Cold November Days

It is the time before the winter solstice when daylight is fleeting and the long nights breed perfect conditions for dampness and cold. The mornings are cast in frozen iridescence, the anaemic sun breaking through the frosty haze; mid-day flickers like a candle flame in the breeze, fighting against the vanishing light of a bleak... Continue Reading →

A Complex Question

The air beyond my comforter is cold, laden with the dampness of last night’s rain. I move slowly, listening to the music of tiny cricks as my muscles come to life; I stretch out, feeling the bulge of swelling around my ankles, knees, and fingers. The heat from my mattress pad has taken the worst... Continue Reading →

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