A Rolling Stone, An Open Road

In the tranquil days between the winter solstice and the advent of a New Year, I can feel the events of the past crackling in the air, preparing to slip away into memory, only to be revived in wistful moments of reminiscence. Another year has passed, another year of grappling with RA, sometimes winning, sometimes... Continue Reading →

A Festive Illumination

The frost glitters on the sharp needles of green firs; the winter sun ignites the sky, flushing its cool countenance with the sizzling tint of ginger. My apartment is snug, warmed by the heat of the oven, the ruby lights on the tree and tiny flames quivering from the tea lights. The mild scent of... Continue Reading →

In the Eye of the Storm

At dusk the stars ignite, peeking out from behind wispy clouds suspended against an inky sky. The city lights are reflected in the smooth glass of the ocean’s surface, a mirage of green, red, and blue. Their fiery colors become more vivid as nightfall advances; in the wee hours of dawn, white crests form on... Continue Reading →

Finding Happiness in RA

It was a brisk November morning, the clouds hung low in the sky coloured with ginger rays of sunlight trying to pierce through their dense cover. I stood at the corner of a sidewalk watching impatient drivers rocket through the intersection and wincing at the blast of an unexpected horn. Somebody rolled down a window... Continue Reading →

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