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A New Model for “Patient Centered Care”

“On the way home I clutched the new prescription in my hand. I had been an actress and a dancer for twenty years. From my work in the clinic I knew a little about the disease; I listened to what patients experienced and I read about it in consult letters – but not once did … Continue reading

New Beginnings in Idle Days of Springtide

I watched the winter rains dwindle beneath the balmy rays of bright sunshine. The garden on my deck burst to life – newly planted sunflowers reached towards the blue, the lavender called to the hummingbirds and the heady scent of parsley demanded to adorn the wholesome recipes of warm spring days. In the spring everything … Continue reading

Butterscotches, Shoelaces and Lettuce Heads

“I had sailed along in life believing I would always be able to rip open a bag of crackers without effort, or tear away the snug cling-wrap sealed around cheese, produce and other perishable items. Not once did it ever occur to me that I would go three rounds trying to remove a lettuce head … Continue reading