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Taking Back the Spotlight

This is a special post for RA Blog Week, a wonderful week of sharing stories and connecting with other bloggers in the arthritis and chronic illness community. In this post, I combined two blog topics, the story of my diagnosis and being active in taking charge of my life with chronic illness. RA or “The … Continue reading

Grumpy Baby

You can feel it coming on, like a storm on the horizon – there’s a charge stirring in the air, a tingling pressure percolating, a sticky warmth coating the body like melted chocolate oozing from a fountain. From the moment you wake, nothing goes right. We miss our bus, we’re late for work, we put … Continue reading

Crimson Leaves, Hot Joints and Fairy Mists

Summer took a long time to arrive, and when it did, it swept in with a fleeting intensity, fueling the forest fires, stripping the emerald hue from the grass and charming us with magnificent sunsets and glittering meteor showers. Now the whispers of fall tarnish the leaves with red and orange hues before releasing them … Continue reading