RA Blog Week 2017

September is a bit of a mystery – it marks both the beginning and ending of cycles. The beginning of school, the beginning of another season, shorter days, longer nights, new colors, cooler mornings and the recurring cycle of back to work. It’s the end of summer vacation, dips in the lake, drinks on the patio, pink twilights, and hot dry days – except for this year, where Mother Nature has granted the West Coast one last heat wave, even as the leaves are starting to turn. September is also recognized as the month for Arthritis Awareness in Canada.

Now for those of us living with it, every month is arthritis awareness. We sleep with it, work with it, play with it and yes, write about it, and that’s where my niche as an advocate was born. I’ve had the pleasure of writing this blog for five years. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown. In the beginning, I was writing one post a week and then life got busy and I had to step back and devote time to other things – work, theatre, fiction, vacation, workshops, novels, family and friends. Spending time on other projects is a nice escape, offering me a chance to step out of my own chronic life for a while and create new worlds with new characters and even dabble in bit of poetry.

As much as I love creating, I also love writing about life with RA. I adore my RA community because we “get it”. We understand each other. And that’s why September is also significant for the return of another platform: RA Blog Week.

RA Blog Week was created by fellow blogger and RA warrior, Rick Phillips. It’s a unique platform designed to spread the word about arthritis awareness, connect with others, share and find support. It’s perfect for Arthritis Awareness Month, because it offers a chance for people to learn about Rheumatoid Arthritis, how we cope with it, our good days, our bad days, our discoveries, victories and defeats. The community is so huge it’s impossible to know all the amazing bloggers who give their time to share their experience – and RA Blog Week comes with its own impressive badges to display for a little extra inspiration.

RA Blog week runs from September 25 – September 29 this year. The goal, if I can manage it, is five posts for five days. We have one prompt for each day, and even though we all be writing about the same topic, each post is sure to be a unique reading experience.



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  1. J.G. Thank you for the shout out on RABlog week. It is our chance as bloggers to strengthen our community using our favorite medium; blogs of course. I look forward to reading your posts this year.

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