Grumpy Baby

You can feel it coming on, like a storm on the horizon - there’s a charge stirring in the air, a tingling pressure percolating, a sticky warmth coating the body like melted chocolate oozing from a fountain. From the moment you wake, nothing goes right. We miss our bus, we’re late for work, we put... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings in Idle Days of Springtide

I watched the winter rains dwindle beneath the balmy rays of bright sunshine. The garden on my deck burst to life - newly planted sunflowers reached towards the blue, the lavender called to the hummingbirds and the heady scent of parsley demanded to adorn the wholesome recipes of warm spring days. In the spring everything... Continue Reading →

The Twisting Kaleidoscope

As a child, I was fascinated with the changing colors and ornate designs I discovered in the cylindrical tube of a kaleidoscope. It was a fascinating trinket brimming with effervescent colors that sparked my imagination. With one simple rotation, I had the power to blend radiant hues forming unique and vivid patterns. I got a... Continue Reading →


I snuggled into my flannel sheets, with lazy thoughts of the coming year. I was on the cusp of drifting off when a sharp boom and a low rumbling reverberated through the building. My eyes popped open and I stared into the darkness. The bed rocked from side to side, dishes rattled in the cupboards,... Continue Reading →

A Stolen Day of Bliss

Water rolled down a slotted coffee-colored panel nestled in stones, simulating a stream bubbling over a bed of rocks. Soft music played from hidden speakers lulling me into another world deprived of the roar of traffic, the drone of people, the beeping and quivering of cell phones and computers. I listened to the faint whispers... Continue Reading →

A Complex Question

The air beyond my comforter is cold, laden with the dampness of last night’s rain. I move slowly, listening to the music of tiny cricks as my muscles come to life; I stretch out, feeling the bulge of swelling around my ankles, knees, and fingers. The heat from my mattress pad has taken the worst... Continue Reading →

The Tempest of Change

I woke to rain slamming against my rattling windows, the wind shrieking through the parched trees. Branches and shrivelled leaves snapped off their sapped trunks, littering the landscape with the remnants of drought. Our baffled meteorologists had no warning of the blustery weather that whirled in from off of the Pacific Ocean causing power outages... Continue Reading →

Water Logged

Life is all about timing, isn’t it? My body often surprises me with its eerie intuition. One night, without any warning, a sharp pain seared through my right knee. It was severe enough to prevent me from putting any weight on it. I had known for some time that I needed to work on my... Continue Reading →

The “APP”iness Dance

Five years ago on one frosty morning, I was introduced to a sudden onset of joint stiffness, swelling and fatigue. I mistook it for the flu and waited six weeks before going to see my family physician. He took note of my symptoms and did a quick exam of my joints. It took him less... Continue Reading →

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