There Will Be Days Like This

I heard the pitter-patter rhythm hitting the pavement, the swish of rubber tires through pooling water, the splatter of drops against the window under a sombre light. I could almost hear the hiss of moisture kissing the parched ground, dressing the leaves and flowers in shimmering beads of liquid. It’s the first time in almost... Continue Reading →

Days of Wine and Smoke

The snaking road stretched before us, bordered by parched mountain-sides weighed down with resilient virescent fir trees. The temperature on the dashboard climbed steadily and as we zigzagged through the narrow mountain pass. I looked out the back window, watching a dreary haze hover over the countryside. The miles clicked by and the leafy scenery... Continue Reading →

The Windows to the Body

William Shakespeare once said “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. I think about that saying as I head out for my annual eye appointment to screen for antimalarial toxicity. I’ve learned that not only are the eyes the window to the soul, but medical technology has shown the eyes can also be the... Continue Reading →

The Power of Speech

I was a theatre actress for a number of years. Preparations for shows involved me talking out loud for weeks on end with various accents and voices as I tried to find the essence of my character and memorize lines. It wasn’t unusual for someone to catch me in the act of reciting lines on... Continue Reading →

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