25 Minutes…

The west coast winters are rainy and damp as opposed to icy and snowy - but in recent years, we’ve had random episodes of snowfall, small in comparison to the rest of the country but significant enough that our little harbor city becomes a little more challenging to navigate. The snow we get is wet... Continue Reading →

A Summer of Fire

The summer is always a short season on the West Coast. The salty ocean breeze keeps temperatures mild and long stretches of hot days are broken up with pockets of rain and lingering cloud that can arrive with little warning. I wait all year for the sunny skies that put RA into its annual hibernation.... Continue Reading →

An Extraordinary Gift

One evening, lost in the chaos of a long day, a text from my partner flashed across my phone: “a renter, who is also a fan of yours, dropped off a gift for you today.” I was intrigued and a tad bit apprehensive – my imagination went into overdrive and every horror film I ever... Continue Reading →

The First Days

The first skiff of snow-covered the ground, a light frosting on the desolate earth glittering beneath a cerulean sky. The dazzling sunlight penetrated the brisk air and stimulated the sleeping world around me. I woke with my brain buzzing with ideas, but my body was riddled with the notorious stiffness triggered by the moist cold... Continue Reading →

Finding Happiness in RA

It was a brisk November morning, the clouds hung low in the sky coloured with ginger rays of sunlight trying to pierce through their dense cover. I stood at the corner of a sidewalk watching impatient drivers rocket through the intersection and wincing at the blast of an unexpected horn. Somebody rolled down a window... Continue Reading →

Dancing Solo

The story goes that when I was three years old I climbed up on an empty stage and danced. I like to think this was where the first embers were lit. I have vague recollections of taking dance and theatre classes when I was around five years old. I don’t remember the specifics of those... Continue Reading →

I Think I Can…I Know I Can.

Remember the story of a little engine taking on the impossible task of tugging a chain of railroad cars up a steep and craggy mountain road? When no one else would attempt it, a modest locomotive stepped up and took on the task, chugging its way upwards, while others refused to try. When the mountain... Continue Reading →

RA Blog Week, Wild Cards and Tiny Sparks

This past week a wonderful initiative was launched: RA Blog Week. Health blogger Rick Phillips organized this in an effort to promote cross reading of blogs, build awareness, and connect with others to share in their experiences of living with RA. Topics were assigned for each day throughout the week, and there were also wild... Continue Reading →

Pockets of Forgetfulness

The summer flew by with spectacularly clear days, with little to no humidity. Skies were mottled with wispy clouds, and the ginger glow of scarlet sunsets proclaimed another unblemished day with light breezes, a perfect season of warmth when a rare vitality masked the inflammation of RA. One temperate day I found myself in the... Continue Reading →

A Humble Reminder

It is a beautiful morning and the sun glows like burnished gold in the autumn sky, bursting through the haze of an early morning dew. I have awakened from a 24 hour slumber after being slammed by the first bug of a changing season. Right on the heels of a zealous flare, I woke with... Continue Reading →

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