RA Matters: At Work and in Life

The last several months of 2018 were quite eventful for me. I traveled, worked, prepared auditions for upcoming shows, and spent three months on an application for an exclusive Writer’s Studio Program at a local university. In November I received amazing news: I got cast into a new show, and I got accepted to the... Continue Reading →

Lavender and Latex

My sleeping pattern has never been consistent. For as long as I can remember, I have always woken up several times a night for various reasons - I heard an unidentified noise and had to know what it was or I was plagued by a niggling idea that would not leave me alone until I wrote... Continue Reading →

An Extraordinary Gift

One evening, lost in the chaos of a long day, a text from my partner flashed across my phone: “a renter, who is also a fan of yours, dropped off a gift for you today.” I was intrigued and a tad bit apprehensive – my imagination went into overdrive and every horror film I ever... Continue Reading →

A “Beastly” Housekeeping Tale

I am one of those people who actually likes to clean. I make a game of it - I open windows, put on music, and then dust, vacuum, sweep and wash to the rhythm. There’s nothing more invigorating to me than a freshly cleaned apartment gleaming in the sunshine. It refreshes me, it cleans out... Continue Reading →

A Complex Question

The air beyond my comforter is cold, laden with the dampness of last night’s rain. I move slowly, listening to the music of tiny cricks as my muscles come to life; I stretch out, feeling the bulge of swelling around my ankles, knees, and fingers. The heat from my mattress pad has taken the worst... Continue Reading →

Of Beginnings and Endings

It began in the spring like so many things do. It was the beginning of a new life - I had just moved into a new apartment, restarted a new session of dance, found a new love with whom I shared my days, and launched my journey into the world of writing. Spring is the... Continue Reading →

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