It’s 2:00 am in the morning, and the fan has been on most of the night. The temperature reads 26 Celsius (78.8 Fahrenheit) in our apartment. The balcony door is open in the hope that a smidge of cool air might waft up from the ocean and offer some relief. A few hours from now... Continue Reading →

When The Tide Turns

Winter in BC is usually not like winter in the rest of Canada. The coastal cities are spared the freezing temperatures and snowfall records. Our temperatures rarely dip below zero and rain keeps our forests and mountain trails lush and green. But like the tempestuous pull of the ocean and its changing tides, winter in... Continue Reading →

Predator Summer

Seagulls have nested peacefully on our building’s rooftop for several years. I wake to their haunting cries, I feel the crisp ocean air, and smell that hint of brine. Each call is distinctly different – they cry when the clouds crowd in, they coo and laugh to their fledglings, they squawk out warnings and messages... Continue Reading →

No More Summertime Blues

It’s the time of year when the smell of coconut sunscreen perfumes the air, pants and shirts are replaced with tank tops and shorts, kids linger on the streets long after twilight, and people fall to the charms of a red sun sinking beyond the water’s edge. Everything slows, allowing us to hear the drone... Continue Reading →

The Tempest of Change

I woke to rain slamming against my rattling windows, the wind shrieking through the parched trees. Branches and shrivelled leaves snapped off their sapped trunks, littering the landscape with the remnants of drought. Our baffled meteorologists had no warning of the blustery weather that whirled in from off of the Pacific Ocean causing power outages... Continue Reading →

Sunny Days Will Come

February is a strange month. It’s short in duration, even as the days steadily grow longer. Every four years it grants us an extra day as it attempts to catch up with the yearly revolutions of the earth around the sun. It’s caught in a blurry time-warp, lost in the fog between the merriment of... Continue Reading →

Surviving the Pineapple Express

My early warning rheumatoid weather system alerted me to something on the horizon. The Pineapple Express was on its way. This expression is deceptive in its meaning – when I first heard the term “pineapple express”, I envisioned white sand beaches under bright sapphire skies, palm trees swaying in gentle breezes and tropical flowers basking... Continue Reading →

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